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  • The Greater Marysville Tulalip Regional Visitor Information Center Volunteers

    We are thankful to have each of our professional,  enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers! Here is a little bit about our AWESOME group of volunteers!

  • John Campbell

    John Campbell

    John is our resident archaeologist.  He has been with MTCC since July 2, 2008.  He went to the Ozette Archeological Site on the Olympic Peninsula for the summer in 1979 and liked his work so much that he stayed from June 1979 to June 1981.  He attended Washington State University and Graduated in 1979 with a degree in Anthropology.    He is of Duwamish, Skagit, Snohomish, Swinomish, Skykomish and Thlinght  (Clinkit pronunciation) descent.

     Asked if he had ever met his Thinght  (Clinkit pronunciation)  relatives, he said that he had travelled to Haines,  Alaska where he is related to 2/3 of the town.  He said his cousin took him to some remote lake where they expected to see lots of bears, but the only wildlife to be seen was a dead moose being devoured by eagles.  So the trip was not a total loss as they were able to collect lots of eagle feathers.

  • David Chin

    David Chin

    David also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center.  Not only is he on the Board of Directors, but he also serves as a Chamber Emissary and is a member of the Government Affairs Committee.  In his spare time he is a business owner of a company called GoSmallBiz.  Yet the accomplishment that he is most proud of is………….……………..Retirement.

    He has volunteered weekly at the Marysville Chamber since July 18, 2006,  because he has lived here for almost 30 years and wanted to give back "a little bit for this great place to raise his family."


  • Tom Davis

    _2015-01.jpgTom is a graduate from Western Washington University and taught for 30 years in the Shoreline School District. He was also born and raised in our beautiful Skagit Valley. Tom loves to hunt, fish and travel. He has enjoyed being married to Elizabeth for 56 years. They have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. He volunteers with Jeri and they call it the “Tom and Jeri” show as they both enjoy volunteering together on the same day.



    Cindy Guy

    Cindy has volunteered at our Chamber of Commerce for about 4 years and is passionate about meeting our visitors. She enjoys learning about them and their travels and additionally is excited to help them discover new places to visit through the Chamber. Cindy likes to read, camp and fish.

  • Jeri DuBeau


    Jeri has many life experiences that are very helpful to our volunteer group. She loves helping others succeed and believes volunteering is fun and critical to the success of the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce. She is the other half of the “Tom and Jeri” show as they volunteer the same day.  She enjoys her relationships with the Chamber team. Jeri has a long history in the field of security.  She has 3 grown children and no grandchildren yet. She loves spending time with her cat that is named Batman.

  • Tim King


    Tim is another of our Great Outdoorsmen, he is a Charter Member of Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Marysville.  He is also a Charter member of the Marysville YMCA.  He retired from the Fire Department in 1989 (Snohomish County 22-Getchell).

    He loves family gatherings and travel.  Another volunteer stint he performs is  State Park Camp Hosting.  He loves the work and relationships he has developed at Snopac 911.  The Fire Chief position he held for his local fire department was also unpaid-another example of his generosity to his community.      Along with his hours as Fire Chief, which were volunteer, he has logged more than his quota of community service hours in a variety of positions.  He has worked for Marysville Tulalip Chamber and Visitor Center since Sept. 8, 2003.


  • Donna Leifer


    Donna loves cruising the Caribbean  and Mediterranean with her family.

     She operated "Secretarial Services"  at the New York Athletic Club for twelve years.  She later  founded the first secretarial service in Lynnwood as well as owning and operating Highline Personal in Lynnwood.   She was then recruited to serve as the Executive Assistant to the first Snohomish County Executive Willis D Tucker.  After serving the county for 12 years, she opened her own business with her daughter as a partner.  They operate Leifer Manor, where they host weddings, receptions and other special events.  It is a premiere Northwest event location having been chosen as the number one place to have weddings and reception's in Snohomish County.  Opening a business with her daughter is the accomplishment of which she is the proudest,  and who can disagree?

    You might find it surprising to know that she realized a life- long dream to go to the Holy Land last June.  She has volunteered and served on the boards of  many Snohomish and King County professional and Service organizations, including serving as a Vice President in charge of tourism for The  South County Chamber of Commerce.    This exceptional business-woman has volunteered with the MTCC since February 5, 2008, and by the way... She was born and raised in Marysville, Washington.


  • Betsey Garrett

    Betsy worked at Boeing for 22 years and retired to Montana! About a year ago she moved to Washington to be closer to family and also decided she would get involved in her community by volunteering. She volunteers with our Chamber and also she gives her time to N.O.A.H. (an animal adoption facility in Stanwood). We are pleased to have Betsy on our team.

    Pat Harding

    Pat has lived in the Marysville area for over 40 years! She also enjoyed a long career with Boeing and after 33 years of service to them she retired and now enjoys her time with her friends, family and her adorable Westies. Pat also enjoys making greeting cards. In addition to her volunteer time with our Chamber, Pat also volunteers with the Marysville Kiwanis and enjoys supporting the many community projects that come her way. Traveling has always been a favorite hobby of hers and the Chamber is a good fit as she meets many people from around the world and is passionate about her interaction with them. Pat brings fun and enthusiasm to our visitors.


  • Ingrid Schneider


    Ingrid graduated from a trade school and worked as a travel agent for 14 years in Germany where she "caught" her husband.  She lived  with her husband in Fairbanks,  Alaska where they managed apartments for 22 years including some time spent managing apartments in Washington state.    She is extremely well travelled and has been to Germany many times, and also to Peru, Tahiti and to New Guinea.

    She speaks very fluent German and is a member of the Marysville Historical Society.  There she translates German documents into English.  She has an extremely keen interest in genealogy and spends lots of free hours helping people trace their "Roots".

    She has been with our staff since August  3, 2009.  She likes volunteering  for the visitor center because she can use the skills she developed in her work as a travel agent and she loves meeting people from different parts of the world and talking with them.


  • Peter Schneider


    Peter actually owns a sweatshirt which says, " I have no fear.  My wife is Bionic."  He is extremely proud of and very much loves his wife after their 42 years together.

    He has a couple of accomplishments of which he is also proud.  The first…….he quit smoking-not an easy task.   The second was receiving the "Bundesverdinest Kreuz" from the Republic of Germany.  This medal was given to him on behalf of the German Embassy and was for his work in fostering and supporting American and German relations. 

    He has also received correspondence from the Queen Mum of Britain.  Extremely  well travelled, he enjoys meeting visitors and has launched  the "post card album" project where he asks those we serve to send us a postcard from their home so we can add their picture story  to our album.  He has volunteered to work with travelers to Marysville since August 3, 2009.


  • Carrie Wells


    Carrie is a transplant from Arizona, She and her husband have lived in marysville for 8 years. Her favorite weekend activity is to open the Washington State Map and find a place she hasn't been before. She probably has been more places in Washington than most Washingtonions!! She has been volunteering at the Chamber off and on since 2008.