• Sales Training by Sales Maven Sales Training by Sales Maven

    Sales Maven is offering on-site team sales training.  Participants learn simple, yet powerful skills that they can implement immediately and close more sales.

    General Admission: $95/class  (or $275 for all three classes, includes a copy of "Buying Signals" Book)

    Chamber Member Admission: $75/class (or $225 for all three classes, includes a copy of "Buying Signals" Book)

    Sept 14, 9:00am-10:30am:  

    Getting A Response: Effective Email Techniques
    Getting A Response teaches participants how to effectively connect with potential clients via email and maximize these opportunities.

    Getting A Response is for people who want to:

    • Stop wasting time sending emails that never get read or responded too
    • Increase response rate significantly
    • Move from email communication into actual conversations with prospects and clients


    Sept 21, 9:00am-10:30am: 

    The Close: Asking For The Sale
    The Close teaches participants how to recognize buying signs from clients as well as how to ask and answer crucial questions in order to earn a client’s business. 

        The Close is for people who want to:

    • Avoid coming across as pushy or aggressive
    • Answer questions in a credible and confident manner
    • Be strategic to uncover and overcome objections


    Sept 28, 9:00am-10:30am:

    Body Language & Selling: The Art of Subtle Cues

    Body Language & Selling teaches participants how to use their body to direct attention and deepen the rapport.


         Body Language & Selling is for people who want to:

    • Effectively use the power of their gaze
    • Recognize ways to put clients at ease based on where they sit/stand when engaging clients
    • Have more influence and stay in rapport with prospects and clients
  • Who is Sales Maven Who is Sales Maven

    Nikki Rausch has a track record of closing some of the largest deals in the history of the companies for whom she has worked as well as cultivating profitable customer relationships. Nikki is an accomplished and revered communications coach, mentor and sales trainer whose 20 years of expertise includes distilling and clearly conveying complex information to broad audiences.